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A talented and charismatic instructor, 5th Dan Master instructor John Phillips, supplies all of the students at the studio with strong guidance and in-depth instruction throughout their training.  Employing both traditional and modern teaching styles, Master Phillips manages to create an environment where Tae Kwon Do training is both a fun and challenging experience.  Although hard work and self-discipline are key in succeeding at Phillips TaeKwonDo Center, Master Phillips does not believe in the militaristic approach to training.  He directs his focus instead onto building camaraderie and self-confidence to encourage students to improve, rather than demanding it.  Since day one, it has been the first priority of Phillips TaeKwonDo to build a family environment where everyone can achieve excellence.

Master Phillips began his formal martial arts training in 1988, under the instruction of Master Leonard Ortez.  In March of 1992, after 3 and a half years of training, Master Phillips received his first-degree black belt through the Western Academy of Martial Arts.  Upon moving to the Pacific Northwest shortly thereafter, Master Phillips continued his training and began holding Tae Kwon Do classes in his garage for the neighborhood children.  By 1995, classes had grown beyond the limits of the family garage, so training was moved to a slightly secluded building behind Four Corners Square in Maple Valley, and Northwest Tae Kwon Do was born.  During that year, classes began to grow rapidly, and when the opportunity to move the studio to the main shopping center opened up, Master Phillips acted, securing both the studio’s location and it’s future.

In 1996 Master Phillips and Master Ortez dissolved their relationship with the Western Academy of Martial Arts and formed a joint venture and governing body for their studios called the Lee Jon Association.  The new name was incorporated, and Northwest Tae Kwon Do became Northwest Lee Jon Tae Kwon Do.  

In 2005 Master Phillips split from the Lee Jon partnership and formed Phillips TaeKwonDo Center, PTC.

Shortly after the name change, Phillips TaeKwonDo Center celebrated their first Black Belt test.  It was at this test (proctored by Grandmaster Hyun K. Choi) that Master Phillips received his third degree black belt and official SaBumNim status from the Kukkiwon (World Tae Kwon Do Headquarters) in Korea.  Testing with Master Phillip were five other students including his wife and son who received their hard-earned black belts.  (Master Phillips' daughter would receive her black belt in the 1999 test.)  Since this first historic test, Phillips TaeKwonDo Center has conducted yearly black belt tests, promoting over 105 students to 1st degree black belt, all whom are certified with the World TaeKwonDo Federation in Seoul Korea.  

PTC is very proud of their success with their traditional program, having developed  very proficient black belts from the very young to the more senior student.  Along with that success some of these very same black belts have also accomplished much success in the competitive sport TaeKwonDo arena.  Year after year PTC has developed numerous junior, senior and ultra National Champions, junior national team members, and national team candidates, as well as athletes with international ranking.  In both 2009 and 2011 PTC has had members on the Junior PanAm teams, winning gold in both competitions.   In February, 2011, at the famous US Open international competition, PTC graced the top of the podium with another, now International Champion in the Junior welter weight division.  This student will go on to represent the USA at the World TaeKwonDo Championships in Egypt  in April 2012.

PTC has now expanded beyond the boarders of Washington and is excited to announce the opening of Perin TaeKwonDo Center, in Melissa, Texas.   PTC Texas is owned and operated by one of Master Phillips' senior students, 3rd Dan, Michael Perin.

Master Phillips and the rest of his family are proud of their school and all of their students and openly invite you to become a part Phillips TaeKwonDo Center.


Master John Phillips


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